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  • Sacred Angels Christian Screensaver  201)   Sacred Angels Christian Screensaver 2.0
    This tasteful Christian screensaver shows the sacred angels enjoying life in the clouds. Pearly gates surround the scene with a gentle melody playing. Graceful white doves can also be seen flying in the distance of this Christian Screensaver.

  • Kakashi Screensaver  202)   Kakashi Screensaver 1.0
    Free anime and manga Kakashi screen saver by, containing all of our Kakashi wallpapers into this single screen saver with great animations and effects!

  • MBSS Gravity Wells  203)   MBSS Gravity Wells 2.1
    MBSS Gravity Wells is the quintessential celebration of color, motion and mathematics as particles fill the screen in brilliant patterns as influenced by wandering gravity wells.

  • 365 Ansel Adams Screen Saver  204)   365 Ansel Adams Screen Saver 2.1
    This nature screensaver displays over forty MUSEUM-QUALITY BLACK AND WHITE PICTURES of American National Parks, taken in Arizona, California, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming by ANSEL ADAMS for the US Department of Interior.

  • Portofino - Landscape Screen Saver  205)   Portofino - Landscape Screen Saver 1.0
    Portofino, Italy, is a small incredible and famous Italian fishing village, a tourist resort located on the Italian Riviera. The town crowded round its small harbour is considered to be among the most beautiful Mediterranean ports.

  • Snowflake 3D  206)   Snowflake 3D 2.0
    Large and small snowflakes are drawn in 3D which create a beautiful snow image you will have to see to believe. Options include changing the background color, the number of snowflakes active, the speed at which they fall, and much more.

  • Georgia Bulldogs Screensaver  207)   Georgia Bulldogs Screensaver 1.00
    Download screensaver with your favorite team Georgia Bulldogs now to your desktop! Get the best images and enjoy team superb performance! Screensaver featuring dozens of best photos of Georgia Bulldogs team for FREE!

  • 3D Earth ScreenSaver  208)   3D Earth ScreenSaver 1.0
    Enjoy pleasant 3D Earth, Screensaver takes you to outer space full of motion. 3D Earth Screensaver is one of the most soothing screensavers. 3D Earth and musical accompaniment will give you the feeling of tranquility and inner hormones

  • Sport Airplanes Show 3D  209)   Sport Airplanes Show 3D 1.0
    Boundless blue sky, amazing landscapes, unbelievable high speed, inconceivable stunts like loops and flight through the rings upside-down will impress you more than ever! Just fasten your seat belts and let the flight of your life begin right now!

  • Scooby Doo Screen Saver  210)   Scooby Doo Screen Saver 3.0
    Scooby Doo Screensaver and Wallpaper. These Scooby Doo are fun screen savers the with whole gang, Fred, Velma, Daphne, Shaggy and much more! This screen saver has all the the ghosts and goblins from the hit cartoon.

  • Hypnodisk  211)   Hypnodisk 1.4
    Semi-psychedelic screensaver takes your screen for a spin. You can set speed, frequency, size and separate colour channels. New in v1.4 is the One big disk option.

  • Clemson Tigers Screensaver  212)   Clemson Tigers Screensaver 1.00
    Download screensaver with your favorite team Clemson Tigers now to your desktop! Get the best images and enjoy team superb performance! Screensaver featuring dozens of best photos of Clemson Tigers team for FREE!

  • Animated SnowFlakes Screensaver  214)   Animated SnowFlakes Screensaver 2.9.8
    This screen-saver will bring tranquil mood of a winter forest right on your desktop. Snowflakes slowly coming down in a mysterious winter forest to the quiet, chill background music. Watch wonderful winter landscapes and trees covered with a snow.

  • Sphere screensaver  215)   Sphere screensaver 2.1
    In this screen saver you can see real thermodynamically gas model. Show each molecule in close space, you can see process of condensation and free Brawn-like moves. Realized real physical model of move, collisions and reflection.

  • Man Utd Screensaver  216)   Man Utd Screensaver 1.0
    Show support for Manchester United. This Screensaver displays a flag with the Man Utd logo against a background of Old Trafford stadium. There are settings for the wind speed, flag position and flag thickness, and background image.

  • ALTools Lunar Zodiac Tiger Wallpaper  219)   ALTools Lunar Zodiac Tiger Wallpaper 2005
    If you were born in 1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, or 1998 then your Chinese Zodiac sign is the Tiger and this ALTools Egghead Lunar Zodiac Tiger wallpaper is for you. See for more free desktop wallpapers.

  • 3D Love Clock  220)   3D Love Clock 1.2
    A 3D Heart shaped Clock with a photo of your sweetheart! This clock is fully customized, It has also a library of sounds and photos to use as background. Good to use as a gift for the person you love and also for any happy occasion

  • Koi-Fish.exe  221)   Koi-Fish.exe 1.1
    Download free 3D screensavers for your desktop. Fantastic 3D Koi Fish screensaver.

  • 3D Transformers screensaver  222)   3D Transformers screensaver 1.0
    3D transformers screen saver is a very cool screen saving program.In this Screen Saver,over 35 cool transformers can transform themselves,enjoy!

  •  223)   "Lovers-Forever" customizable screensave 1.00
    Surprise your lover with the screen saver "Lovers Forever". We produce our screen saver one-by-one. Like "Danny and Kate" in our demo, celebrate your love in an original way. In every appearance of the saver, a new romantic music will be listened.

  • Finding Nemo Movie Screensaver  224)   Finding Nemo Movie Screensaver 1.0
    Cool Freeware Animated Screensaver. Finding Nemo Movie Screensaver includes 16 images from funny movie. You'll meet with your favorite heroes and will enjoy again.

  • Chicago - From the Sky Screensaver  225)   Chicago - From the Sky Screensaver 1.1
    The Chicago - From the Sky Screensaver brings you amazing and *large* photos of the "City of Big Shoulders". Numerous skyscrapers, Navy Pier, Buckingham Fountain, the Water Tower, and more. Includes 20 full-screen [1024x768] photos and four songs.

  • Aurorae Chakra  226)   Aurorae Chakra 1.0
    Chakra enhancement! 50 spellbinding images inspire the imagination of another space & time in this dazzling screensaver. Graphics created by a process called Aurorae.

  • SCADA/HMI Workstation Screen Saver  227)   SCADA/HMI Workstation Screen Saver 1.38
    Innovative and efficient solution for preventing burn-in effect (ghosting) on monitors with mostly static graphics that allows operators to monitor on-screen data while screen saver is running.

  • 7art Sun and Moon Clock ScreenSaver  228)   7art Sun and Moon Clock ScreenSaver 1.3
    7art Sun and Moon Clock is a new convenient way to always know the current time, current date, day of the week and the month. You will always see the current position of the Sun and the Moon in the sky (including the current Phase of the Moon).

  • Kaleid-O-Space  229)   Kaleid-O-Space 2.1.1a
    Kaleid-O-Space is a mesmerizing animated screen saver that brings you all the fascination and beauty of a real kaleidoscope. The screensaver can be used interactively, or as a traditional screen saver that exits when the mouse is moved.

  • Tropical Aquarium ScreenSaver  230)   Tropical Aquarium ScreenSaver 6.0
    Beautiful screensaver features over 30 animated sea creatures. Many breeds of tropical fish plus sharks, whales, mermaids, crabs, clams, scuba divers, and the sinking mafia snitch! Fully customizable, lets you add characters, sound fx, and music!

  • South Carolina Gamecocks Screensaver  231)   South Carolina Gamecocks Screensaver 1.00
    Download screensaver with your favorite team South Carolina Gamecocks now to your desktop! Get the best images and enjoy team superb performance! Screensaver featuring dozens of best photos of South Carolina Gamecocks team for FREE!

  • 3D Pumpkin Patch Teddy Bears  232)   3D Pumpkin Patch Teddy Bears OS X
    Adorable Pumpkin Teddy Bears and a scarecrow dance in a pumpkin patch while autumn leaves fall. Demo contains almost full set of features: password protection, sound mute, volume control, tint, brightness, and selectable colors, size, speed and fade for the falling leaves.

  • Golden Arowana Screensaver  233) Golden Arowana Screensaver 1.0
    This screensaver contains the five elements of feng shui and depicts the Golden Arowana aka Dragon Fish. Its contents are 100% digital. Weighing in at 11.1MB, this screensaver can be cosidered a heavyweight.

  • Furry Critters Screensaver  234)   Furry Critters Screensaver V1
    Free critter screensaver 60+ gorgeous furry animal photos to decorate your desktop. Dogs, cats, rats, pigs, rabbits, squirrels, chincillas, guinea pigs and more! Get these cute and cuddly fur critters on your computer today!

  • 3D Amazing Clouds Screen Saver  235)   3D Amazing Clouds Screen Saver 1.0
    Watch Amazing Clouds move to form different designs on your Desktop. Ever looked at clouds and saw interesting shapes or image? 3D Amazing Clouds takes this idea to the extreme! Individual clouds move to form different designs over time.

  • Bubbloids  236)   Bubbloids 1.2
    The Bubbloid screensaver features a collection of 3D rendered images with bubbles floating gently over them.You can set the number and size of the bubbles. Choose a background from the included collection or load one of your own images.

  • Cresotech PhotoScreen  237)   Cresotech PhotoScreen
    Build a screensaver in a few seconds without any skills. All you need to do is point your images to program and press Build button. PhotoScreen will do the rest - generate a screensaver with 150 different image transition effects using your files.

  • Used Motor Scooters  238)   Used Motor Scooters 1.0
    Scooter screensaver by Budget Scooters. Pictures of scooters to use as your screensaver.

  • Zurich Show  239)   Zurich Show 1.02
    Free screen saver with 25 pictures of urban landscapes of various areas in Zurich (Switzerland). These images will not be found anywhere else on the net. Extract photos as wallpaper. Original Freeware screensavers for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP.

  • 100 Happy Money Screensaver  240)   100 Happy Money Screensaver 2.1
    100 Happy Money Screensaver brings the power of the almighty money to your Windows desktop instantly. Realistic backgrounds and sound effects let you enjoy an underwater scene with currency dancing across the screen of your computer or wide-screen TV

  • My Pictures 3D Album  241)   My Pictures 3D Album 0.96
    My Pictures 3D Album lets you create stunning 3D photo albums. Show your photos in an artistic environment of 3D galleries and share them with friends. Amaze them by sending your photos in a 3D presentation or placing 3D albums on your home page.

  • Abba Screensaver  242)   Abba Screensaver 1
    This neat Abba screensaver shown here illustrates Abba at their best.

  • Only Kittens Screen Saver  243)   Only Kittens Screen Saver 1.01
    Only Kittens Screen Saver contains images of pretty kittens. Big size high quality pictures (10 pictures in Demo version, 80 in Ultra version). Amazing transition effects (22 effects. Special "Random" mode.) Slide show starts with any picture.

  • ALTools Lunar Zodiac Dog Wallpaper  244)   ALTools Lunar Zodiac Dog Wallpaper 2005
    If you were born in 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, or 1994 then your Chinese Zodiac sign is the Dog and this ALTools Egghead Lunar Zodiac Dog wallpaper is for you. See for more free desktop wallpapers.

  • Phantastic Screensaver  245)   Phantastic Screensaver 3.0
    *8* of the most popular screensaver types compiled in ONE single application - now with integrated background email checking! Moving pictures & company logos, screen fader, fractal painter, color fader, falling rain, and other nice modes - get it!

  • 3DSnowDesk  246)   3DSnowDesk 1.2
    Free fun 3D snow screensaver. Up to 20,000 3d Snowflakes pile up at the bottom of your windows desktop. Then grab the mouse which becomes a snowblower and blast the snow off the screen! Too fun! It's only like 220k, a must have.

  • 3D Wonderful Flowers  247)   3D Wonderful Flowers 1.0.0
    Admire lovely flowers in your computer. Bouquet of camomiles and cornflowers will improve your mood and flapping multicolored butterflies flying around recall you about relax. This screensaver is created for you!

  • Butterflies3D  248)   Butterflies3D 1.0
    See hummingbirds and a dragonfly buzz around while a kaleidoscope of colorful butterflies flutter and land on the beautiful landscape. Choose butterflies from twenty colorful species, choose from 3 scenes, including Yosemite and the rain forest.

  • Dazzling Daytona Sun Screensaver  249)   Dazzling Daytona Sun Screensaver 1.0
    Watch this dazzling screensaver of the sparkling Daytona Beach Sun rising and setting. Be captivated by the views of the rippling waves, soaring birds, and majestic cloudscapes. Contains twenty-two photos and four songs.

  • 3D Butterfly  250)   3D Butterfly 1.5 presents new freeware Screensaver with 3D effects, colorful graphics, picturesque images, vivid animals and insects. Just download on your computer, launch and enjoy the beautiful scenery you so miss.

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